Saturday, August 18, 2012


In my last post I said we were going to be doing the garage sale at my Mother's house today. 

We got up at 4am to get everyone fed & doctored, so we could get to town by "showtime", 8am.  

John started rounding up while I got the pans ready.  Found everyone..........except Pepper.  Started looking for him & finally found him laying in the wash.  Usually when we find him down on his bad side, we flip him over & he either sits on his breast bone a few minutes & pops up or pops up immediately.  This time he seemed exhausted, disorientated & perhaps at the end of the road.  Of course it's a week-end, & we have no emergency vet services in Cochise county.  I called the local vet & if she doesn't call you back in 20 minutes that means she isn't available, & suggests calling Dr. Shamis in Tucson.  WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO..........???  

One of the neighbor's came over to help, & we finally decided to try to get him up on a piece of plywood & drag him out of the wash with the tractor.  Of course all this time we are watching it get closer & closer to when we would have to leave in order to get to the garage sale.  

While John was getting the plywood & tractor I went in the house to call Michelle a friend that was going to help with the sale.  She lives in Benson, & I asked if she would go by Mother's house & put a "postpone until tomorrow" sign on the garage door.  When I went back out John said Pepper was up.  Sure enough he was standing on the bank of the wash, looking confused.  Took off at a fast walk headed for the waterer, went right past it, stopped & just looked around like he didn't know where he was.  

We finally got him into his pen, he was still acting like he was in pain & confused.  I went back to doctoring etc, & watching him.  All of a sudden he laid down & stretched out.  I thought this might be it, went in the house to try to call the vet again.  John comes in, says he's up & eating hay....................WHAT.....??????  Kept an eye on him the rest of the day & whatever was wrong this morning seemed to be over & done with.  He almost acted like colic, but not really, & even tried stretching his neck like they do when they choke.  He's choked in the past, but I really don't think that was what it was.  

I have no idea what was wrong with him, he's over 35 years old, so it could be just about anything. 

So tomorrow morning we get to do it all over again, hopefully without the Pepper adventure.  Really looking forward to getting up at 4am.............NOT.......!!!!

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