Wednesday, August 15, 2012


At feeding time this afternoon we had one hellacious storm, lots of rain & wind & a little hail.  John was trapped in the feed room, & most of the donkeys were trapped across the wash because the wash was running bank to bank & just about to crawl out.  

Everything finally settled down, but of course it took awhile for the wash to quit running.  In the meantime they had figured out it was time to eat & were running the bank trying to figure out how to get across without getting their feet wet.  

John went over & BlackJack followed him back across like that was what he was suppose to do.  In the meantime the rest of them were sure there was a way if they just ran back & forth enough.  I picked my way across, but couldn't get anyone to follow me.  Well actually some of them try, but the last 3 feet was still running & they just couldn't bring themselves to actually step in the water.  

From that stage it only took about another 15 minutes for them to mozy across, & start demanding to be fed.  Brats..........!!!!  

John just came in after 9pm from fixing the fences that cross the washes.  When they run that high, it usually takes out the fences, & they have to be fixed before we let them out.  

It's still sprinkling, so we might get some more rain tonight.  John said we got an inch & a tenth, so I think that's enough for now..........!!!! LOL

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