Tuesday, August 28, 2012

As of 5pm this afternoon Mother's house is officially sold...........YIPPEE.......!!!!  It seems like John & I have been living, breathing the house & it's contents for the last month, so it will be great to no longer have to worry about it.  

This afternoon we moved the "leftovers" from the garage sale, (thank goodness for the stock trailer) down to Sierra Vista.  Care for the Horses has a rummage sale twice a year, that has become a "happening", & they usually do really well.  I thought that would be a good use for what was left.  Although I REALLY..... REALLY wish the 3 piece oak entertainment center & the OVERSIZED computer desk had found a new home at the garage sale & the new owners had moved them, rather than John & I having to load them this afternoon.  Brad is a good friend & bought Mother's house.  He knew we were going to be loading stuff this afternoon & being the good friend he is, was waiting for us when we drove up, so he could help load.  He sure made the job easier, at least from my point of view.........!!!!  LOL  Not sure he & John would agree.  

Pepper is back to what is normal for him I guess, doesn't seem to have any lingering problems from his "incident" last week.  

We changed Jenny's foot covering yesterday & the foot is looking good.  Now that we aren't using such a heavy bandage, her foot isn't as damp when we unwrap it, which I would assume is a good thing.  The next step will be to just cover the opening in the front of her foot that is growing out, with a gauze pad to keep heavy amounts of dirt, mud, etc out of it.  According to the vet, just put the gauze on, tape it to the hoof, put on a pantyhose, & super glue the panty hose to her hoof.  OK...........!!!  Sounds simple enough, but I haven't gotten to the stage of attempting it yet.  What we're doing now is working, so I'm in no hurry to do something that might not work as planned.  

It looks like Ruger & Pancho will be going into a foster home for awhile.  The family wants to make sure they are ready for a long term commitment, which is OK with me.  I'd rather do it this way, than have them decide later on, this isn't going to work.  We'll do a home study just like an adoption to make sure it's a good home.  

Ruger & Pancho play together & eat in the same pen.  We moved Ruthie to a pen of her own since we're pretty sure she's pregnant.  Ruger is still very attached to her, Ruthie to Ruger, not so much.  And when she has her new baby, poor Ruger will be drummed out of the family in a hurry.  So if we can get him "weaned" from her before then, it will be a good thing for him.  

I got a call from a friend I haven't heard from in a couple of years.  She has 5 acres that has turned into a jungle with all the rain we've had lately.  She was wondering if she could borrow a couple of donkeys, that would like to eat "wild" food for a couple of weeks.  John & I talked about it & I think we will send BlackJack & Boaz out.  I have to call her back to make sure this is what she wants to do.  The boys won't care, as long as there is food.  Karla was disappointed that they won't eat tumbleweeds.  When we do the home study we'll make sure there is enough "weeds" for them to eat.  If it's all tumbleweeds, this might not work. 


Witcheylady said...

Great news about selling your Mom's house. I bet that takes a big load off your shoulders. Has your Mom adjusted to life in Camp Longears? If she's an animal lover it probably seems like heaven. I'm glad we have each others blogs to keep up with each others lives...lol
Hugs to John, Gus & Quilla (and how's my favorite little girl donkey "Cheyenne"?)

Tish said...

Mother's adjusting well, although she spends all of her time in bed,unless we drag her to town.

Cheyenne is Cheyenne. We did a CBC on her last month, she's been losing weight, but nothing showed up. I think she might be in good weight & we're just use to looking at "chubbies"........!!!! LOL

The boys are just fine, flies have slowed down, so hopefully they can go without their "socks" soon.

Witcheylady said...

How old is Cheyenne? If she's getting up there in age could be just that she's not digesting/absorbing those nutrients as well. I take it teeth are ok? Maybe a little prebiotic...I like Forco (22 yo Doc is on it)because it's a powder & not as messy as Ration Plus liquid. Although, I know what you mean when you're used to seeing the chubbies ...it kinda becomes the norm...lol

Tish said...

She's about 17-18, teeth were checked when we had the blood draw. She acts OK, so who knows. I spend half my time confused about these guys............!!! LOL