Monday, August 13, 2012


Georgette & I got back from Colorado this morning.  Had a great time, Kathy & Alan are a lot of fun to visit.  

This video is of Salsa, a 5 day old little bundle of energy.  Watching her & remembering how sick poor little Tucker was at the same age, really showed how sick he really was.  Her Mother was rescued from a killer buyer a couple of months ago.  Although at this time there aren't any equine slaughter houses in the United States, just across the border in Mexico & Canada they are still killing equines & shipping the meat to Europe & Asia.  Unfortunately Washington has made money available to hire inspectors for equine slaughter houses, & Montana & Missouri has applied for permits to start up again.  It would have been a shame to have lost this little bundle of energy.  She is beautifully marked & someone is going to get to adopt a wonderful little girl, when she gets a little older.  

This was not what she wanted to be doing, but Kathy insisted.........!!!

John & Mother got along just fine, although John said he was REALLY glad I was home......... !!   Believe me,  I know the feeling.........!!!! LOL

Tonight John & I had to change Jenny's foot bandage.  We are taking her up to Gilbert this Thur, to have them look at her hoof & see if it needs to have a piece of hoof removed where it looks like it's pinching inward rather than growing straight down.  Courtney plans on meeting us up there, so she can discuss with the vets on what they want her to do.  


Witcheylady said...

OMG! How cute is Salsa?
Glad you're home safe & sound and so happy you had fun.

Tish said...

Had a great time, & got to see lots of donkeys.