Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PEPPER AGAIN.......!!!

This morning Pepper was down in the wash again, in the same place.  Maybe he knows we can find him easy there, since it's almost in the path to the chicken pen.  He'd been down for awhile, long enough to pack sand into his eye, John took off fly masks last night, so he didn't have a barrier to protect his eye.  

I grabbed the eye wash & rinsed his eye out before we tried to get him up.  He was not disorientated like he was Saturday, & got up pretty easy once we got him off his bad side.  Followed us to his pen, albeit, at a rather slow & shaky pace. 

This afternoon when John started the round-up he found Pepper & Jenny out behind the house, "dining" on weeds, & seeds & he seemed just fine.  I think today was a "normal" down, unlike Saturday which was an incident.  I guess he's OK until the next time, I hope every other day doesn't become the norm for him.  

This morning was the first bandage change for Jenny since we took her up to the clinic last week.  

Boy talk about a stream lined operation..........!!!!   Getting her in the garage took longer than getting the old bandage off & the new one on.  That's because she does not lead, never has, & doesn't seem willing to learn.  

John got the old one cut off before I got all my "toys" lined up.  The foot looked good, not as damp as it is when we put a diaper & Elasticon tape on it.  

A quick wrap with a roll of gauze, a couple of strips of 1 inch tape to hold it in place, a boot on the bottom made of Gorilla tape, cover with a Hoof Wrap & she was good to go.  The vet clinic used duct tape, but the Gorilla tape is much tougher.  The Hoof Wrap stays on much better because her foot isn't so big & bulky now.  

Dr. Voss said we will be able to cover her hoof with the gauze to keep dirt from getting into the open area, cover it with part of a panty hose & super glue it to her hoof.  That way the bottom wouldn't have a covering on it & it would be much easier to wrap.  Haven't worked up the nerve to try that yet. 

But easy is what it's all about, from my point of view............!!!!

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