Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Poor little Pancho..........!!!!  Tonight when he came in to go to his pen, he had to walk past the pile of hair from Daisy's trim this morning.  I guess it had the look of a dead hairy critter, because walking by it was out of the question.  He finally decided if he could stretch his neck long enough, he "might" think about sniffing it, but not without a lot of foot hopping, trying from different angles & I'm sure under his fly mask his eyes were bugged & focused on the "critter".  Thanks goodness the wind didn't blow it, or he probably would have turned wrong side out.  He finally figured out a way around it to get to his pen.

Always before when I left it laying there, the wind usually blew it away by afternoon.  And of course the birds love it for making nests.  We have our 4th sparrow family under the eaves of the feed room.  So I guess if it's still there in the morning, I'll have to move it, so Pancho can go to his pen, without having to worry about "what is it?"...........!!!

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