Wednesday, August 22, 2012


 Thanks Luna, I think if one brayed in my face like that, my reaction might be the same......!!!!

I have never been able to figure out why it has to rain at feeding time, morning or evening.  It seems like if we are lucky enough to get rain, the chances are it will be at one of those times.

No sprinkles, just a steady down pour of lots of rain.  UGH!  All of the pens need to be reworked, with sand & gravel added to raise the level of the pens.  I have been "suggesting" doing the pens for months, but so far it hasn't gotten done.  Granted, if it doesn't rain it isn't a problem, but when it does rain it's a BIG problem.  

Finally let most of them out of their pens, so they wouldn't be standing in water.  John went around with the hay cart & threw hay where they decided to stand.  There was a group of 5 or 6 standing between the wash (which incidentally ran) & when John threw the hay out, guess who was right in the middle of the group..........?  I wish I had known Pepper when he was young, he must have really been something.  Not much phases him, that's for sure. 

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