Friday, August 03, 2012

Below, is an e-mail Patti sent out that covers all the bases about the Walk-a-thon this year.  We all had a great time last year & this year should be even better.  We'd love for everyone that can to come help us celebrate these wonderful creatures.  You couldn't ask for a better representative than Zeke.

From: Patti
Sent: Friday, August 03, 2012 7:04 PM
Subject: Mike and Zeke Rescue Walk October 12th

Mike and Zeke (Zeke is the cute one with the long ears) are hitting the road again this year to raise money for Forever Home Donkey Rescue in Benson and Care For The Horses in Sierra Vista The date is October 12th, Donkey Appreciation Day which falls on a Friday this year.

The Mike and Zeke Rescue Walk Community Facebook page is at (you shouldn't have to "belong" to Facebook to see this page but if you do belong, please share with your FB friends).

The Rescue Walk will cover about ten miles starting from the ghost town of Fairbank (near Route 82 and the San Pedro River) ending at The Good Enough Silver Mine, 5th and Toughnut in Tombstone.
We'll provide a ride from Tombstone to meet up with Mike and Zeke for anyone who would like to walk the last few miles with them. We'll also provide a ride back to Fairbank if you want to park there and walk the whole route with Mike and Zeke. (We don't advise bringing your horse to ride as the route is mainly on highway.) Or you can walk a shorter stretch in between. Check the FB page for final confirmation of the route and a map of drop off/pick up points. And don't forget to wear you "Old West" duds!

We're asking people to consider helping out with a dollar a mile - more if you can, less if you can't. You can donate directly at

Mike and Zeke have long been part of Tombstone's "Old West" atmosphere and when you meet them their devotion to each other is obvious. They have done an activity together to raise money for charity every year on "Donkey Appreciation Day", October 12 - and if that isn't an official day we'll make it one in Arizona!

Put October 12 on your calendar. If you can walk part of the Rescue Walk with Mike and Zeke it will help the miles pass more quickly. But if you can't make it, follow them on Facebook with your "likes" and contributions.

Patti K in Vail
(who will be driving the red truck to shuttle walkers joining Mike and Zeke)


Morning Bray Farm said...

Shared on the For the Love of Donkeys page on Facebook! :-)

Morning Bray Farm said...

p.s. Zeke is really, really cute. What a looker!

Tish said...

That's great, Teresa really wants to get the word out & get a lot of people involved.

Zeke is wonderful, he & Mike make a great pair.