Friday, August 31, 2012

If you notice, Nigel's head is on my mouse-pad.  This is a rather common happening, he & Moogee, both seem to think I need their help to "computer".  I've tried "wallering" his head to hopefully irritate him enough to make him leave.  Hasn't worked yet, & don't have high hopes that it will.  

This is going to be an "interesting" week-end.  We race both Sat & Sun night..........well we race Sat night & hopefully the car will be in one piece for racing Sun... no guarantee.....!!!  Have a tour coming out Sun morning.  Monday we are going to do 2 home studies, one for Ruger & Pancho.   BlackJack & Boaz are going to go out for a couple of weeks of weed control.  I hope a couple of weeks away will give Boaz a chance to learn some manners.  He can make Frijolita run by chasing her.  She seems to be afraid of him at the time, but the next time you see them they are shoulder to shoulder, so I'm not sure what the game is. She has string halt, which usually doesn't bother her very much, but she doesn't need to be racing & crashing thru the brush trying to get away from a bully. 

Pepper except for his bum knee is back to "normal", in fact he has taken to hanging around with the Tula bunch.  How he keeps up with them, I have no idea.  

Jenny is a little slow these days, she has a big piece of hoof missing from one of her front feet.  Don't know if that is her problem or not.  Courtney was talking about coming out this week-end, if she does the week-end will REALLY be busy. 

Poor little Buddy Brat is having to stay in the pens 24/7.........!!  He & Honcho were returned after about 1 1/2 years with a family.  Unfortunately their diets weren't adhered to while they were gone.  Buddy I think has been insulin resistant since birth or soon after, he was fluffy when we got him about 12 years ago, & he is still fluffy.  His crest is really thick & even being in the pens is not making much of a difference.  The new hay is pretty low in sugar & starch, but I think we're going to start soaking it anyway, hopefully if will make a difference.  He understands he is being mistreated & voices his displeasure every chance he gets, poor little guy. 


Witcheylady said...

Nigel is just too cute! I love kitties!

Tish said...

Me too, BUT........having 4 in the house 3 of them young neutered males is....interesting....!!!

Simply Marvelous said...

Great picture of Nigel and the ol' "Mouse-Pad" trick. What a love he is!

Tish said...

He'd be more of a love if he'd park himself someplace else.......!!!! LOL