Sunday, July 08, 2012

This is what the well dressed donkey that has problems with stable flies on his legs is wearing this year.  John's old tube socks with the toes cut out make a real good barrier & give the hair a chance to grow back.  Earlier this summer, one day Gus had hair the next he didn't, hateful little beasties.........!!!!  The hair has grown back, but he'll be wearing "socks" for the rest of the summer.  Poor Quilla has no hair on his legs because of years & years of not being treated, so he is also "dressed". 

Went to the races last night.  I wasn't racing our son raced, finished 4th in the main event, which is pretty good.  There's cars out there that have more in their suspension that we have in our cars, so we'll take a 4th.  Left Mother set up with snacks & the TV remote, &  she got along fine.  She's settling into a routine of sorts & really isn't much trouble, except for having to eat so often because she eats so little at a time.  I eat once a day usually, so this is taking some getting use to.  At least she doesn't have to have a meal, it's basically naming off what's available & her deciding what sounds good. 

Of course when we get home John has to let the donkeys out.  One of the 1st things he noticed was one of the faucets had been turned on a little bit.  What that means is, water was being drained out of the holding tank.  The well guy is suppose to be out Tuesday to work on the well.  It will be shut down for 2 to 3 days, so we need as much water in the tank as possible.  SIGH....!!!  Linda & Jon, Chester's family had offered a 550 gallon water tank on a trailer for us to use.  We thought we were going to make it without having to borrow the they say, "stuff" happens...............!!!!! This isn't the first time a faucet has gotten turned on & unless we can outsmart them probably won't be the last.  John has been turning the water to the pens off at night, but didn't think to do it yesterday afternoon before we left for the races.  Live & learn I guess, & one thing about donkeys if you live around them long enough you'll learn a lot of things.......!!! LOL

Last night after John let everyone out & we went to bed, Quilla started braying.  (yes we know who is braying, they all sound different).  John said "I wonder why he's braying he usually doesn't...........hmmmmm............John went out & sure enough, Quilla was next in line to go out when John discovered the faucet on, & he forgot to let poor Quilla out.   That would have been a crisis if he had to stay in all night & the others were all out that's for sure. 


Witcheylady said...

Kinda cute that Gus & Quilla are the on the best dressed list together.
Hope the well situation works out okay.
Glad your Mom is adjusting.
You know I think of you all often.

Tish said...

I'm afraid I'm going to run out of John's old socks before the summer is over. Hate to buy new ones & cut the toes out, seems wasteful..!! LOL

Witcheylady said...

Hmmmm....let me look & see if I have any of David's to send

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