Thursday, July 26, 2012

This morning the phone rang & I learned from a neighbor that Boaz was "out & about", headed down the road towards the driveway gate.  Well at least he was hanging around the neighborhood.  

John was already outside, so I yelled at him hopefully so he could get out to the gate & open it before Boaz came by. 

He got out there & when he opened the gate, Boaz literally picked up the pace to get thru it, so I guess being out wasn't as much fun as he thought it would be.  I thought he'd come to me for security, but when I called him, he picked up the pace even more, made a wide berth around me, & went to find the other donkeys.  Hmmmm........guess I know where I rate now.  LOL

Yesterday Jewel the black horse visiting with her new friends went to a new home.  Patti had been trying to find a good home for her for quite sometime & one finally showed up.  It was a day trip away, so she asked if Joyce, another friend & I wanted to go.  Of course we did, so I left John with chores & off we went.  

After we delivered Jewel we wandered all over Cochise County, Douglas, lunch at the Gadsden Hotel, Bisbee to look at the Lavender Pit, & Tombstone, just for a "drive-thru",  Did stop for ice cream in Benson, of course by this time, I was pretty sure John was already doing evening chores, so why hurry, right?  LOL  He wasn't done when I got home, so I didn't completely escape.  


Witcheylady said...

Jewel looks good (Patti deserves pats on the back for that!) I'm so happy that she has a new home. I sure do hope it works out. She's a sweet mare & deserves a loving forever home.

Anonymous said...

That is awesome, she is such a nice mare! I am glad to see she is being well cared for. Sheila

Tish said...

It should be a good retirement home for her, wish I could find a good retirement home for ME..........!!! LOL