Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Last October 12th on Donkey Appreciation Day you might remember Mike & Zeke walked from Ft. Huachuca to Tombstone, Arizona to raise money for our rescue.  It was a lot of fun, & Mike's wife Teresa called today to let us know they are going to do another walk-a-thon this year for us, & also for  Care for the Horses, a local horse rescue that help a lot of horses in the area.  Don't have any information yet, except it will be Friday, Oct 12, not even sure where Mike & Zeke will walk from this time.  But they will end up in Tombstone.  Last year we took BlackJack & he actually behaved himself, so maybe we'll take him again this year.  

Of course this morning he went on my "not favorite list".  He actually spends quite a bit of time on that list, although not as much as he did years ago.  He's learned what he can get away with & what he can't, & for the most part stays in the boundaries.  

This morning a friend was driving in the gate & BlackJack made a break for freedom........!!!  I was in the house, but John saw what happened.  The friend came in & told me, so I took off in the golf cart to see if I could help.  I found them, BJ  was eating mesquite beans as fast as he could stuff them in, & John was standing watching him.......!!!! Hmmmm, I asked what was going on & was asked if I brought a halter & lead.  It seems that BJ had staked out where he planned on staying until the beans were all gone & wasn't moving for any reason.  A 4 foot limb whacked across his rather abundant rump changed his mind about moving (John & I have different approaches to unruly donkeys), but of course he didn't go the right direction.  

I went back to get a halter & lead.  Came back & here is John & BJ sauntering down the road like best buds.  John said when BJ stopped he let John walk up to him, & John put his belt around BJ's neck.  By the time I saw them, no belt, but John was sharing treats out of the "treat" pocket, & BJ was more than happy to mozy along beside John. 

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