Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last night Jenny came in missing another boot..........!!!! GRRRRR.......!!!!   After we fed John went out with a determined look in his eye & stayed out until he found 3 fly masks & one boot.  Some of those fly masks had been missing for a weeks.  What is really interesting is we had just had a 1/2 inch rain storm, even made the wash run a little bit.  Under those circumstances I'm surprised the hard rain didn't bury the masks in the mud.  I looked out & John looked like the proud hunter returning home from the hunt..........!!!  LOL  So the count is down to one fly mask & one boot missing.  

We were worried about Jenny's foot getting wet in the rain, especially with the boot missing.  But it seemed to come thru just fine.  Courtney is coming tomorrow to trim Gus & whoever needs it.  If she wants to see what Dr. Voss did went we went up to the clinic last week we'll "de" bandage Jenny's foot & make sure there isn't any moisture in it.  When we took off Dr. Voss' bandage yesterday morning there was quite a bit of moisture inside, a lot more than we've had before.  He soaked the gauze pads in Chlorhexidine before wrapping her foot in brown gauze & my WAG (Wild Ass Guess) is the moisture was trapped inside & encouraged her foot to stay moist & get soft in spots.  Her foot has always been dry since right after we brought her home.  Her heel bulb had also rubbed again, so hopefully we can get it healed up again.  John said maybe it's a good thing we had to learn to bandage her foot on our own, rather than do it like they did..........!!!!  I know one thing, it takes us a lot longer to get her foot wrapped than it took the clinic, not sure if that means anything or not......!!!! LOL

Mother is getting settled in pretty good & actually seems to be enjoying herself.  We're getting use to sleeping in the spare bedroom.  The first morning John asked if that bed is smaller than our bed.  No, they are both queen size.  He said he kept waking up in the middle.  I think he probably was trying to orientate himself to get his head pointing north, where it usually is, instead of east.   

One thing that will take some getting use to is Mother is a snacker.  If she was held to 3 meals a day she'd starve to death.  She eats a little of this & a little of that all day long.  Jeesh!  That will take some getting use to for me. 

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