Tuesday, June 08, 2021


Next week is suppose to be over 100* every day as high as 107*.  The only saving grace about their forecast is they are usually wrong......!!  LOL

 The family that was interested in Ruthie as a companion for their jenny decided they want a younger donkey.  Their jenny is 10, Ruthie is probably late teens, which isn't old by any means.  So neither home happened, Justice because of bone chips in his foot and Ruthie being too old.  

Heard this morning that Zeke has passed away.   Mike and Zeke for many years were a large part of Tombstone color.  They were in town almost daily for many years, walking Allen street, an old miner and his burro.  There is no way to know how many pictures of these two are all over the world, or how many children have petted Zeke, maybe their first time to see a donkey in person.  

 Years ago Mike and Zeke did some walks to raise money for our rescue.  The first one they walked from Ft Huachuca to Tombstone.  A group of horseback riders joined in the walk for awhile and some of us even walked on foot.  I got to ride Zeke a little while, which was the first time I'd been in a saddle in decades. 

A few years later they raised money for us again and also raised money to buy an all terrain wheelchair for a Wounded Warrior.  That walk was for days ending in Kingman because Zeke got a stone bruise.  But it just so happened when they got to Kingman the town was having a parade to honor one of their famous residents, the actor Andy Devine, who grew up in Kingman.  They asked Mike and Zeke to join in the parade, which they did much to the delight of the spectators.

When Mike died Tombstone had a "walk down" in his memory.  Anyone that wanted to show their respect joined in the walk down Allen street in Tombstone.  Someone said it was the largest walk down Tombstone ever had for anyone.  Wouldn't be surprised, Mike was a special person and loved by many.  Zeke was there to lead the walk down for his best friend.  Now they are together again.





Witcheylady said...

All sad news...no words.

Tish said...

Sadly time makes so many changes in our lives.

Anonymous said...

They are together again. They are happy.

Pharmacy and Travel Nibbles said...

An emotional obituary.
RIP Mike and Zeke.