Saturday, December 31, 2022


 I have been doing the blog since 2006, and thru the years I had time to write about what was going on here and what the donkeys were doing.  The rescue has grown not so much in donkeys, but in the interest people have in meeting the donkeys and learning about them.  

A few years ago we got involved in Pack Burro Racing, which is the summer heritage sport for the state of Colorado.  Lynn and Linda went back to Colorado full time, but before they left, helped get racing started in Arizona.  It's still going strong in Superior and Tombstone, Suzanne takes donkeys to every race possible for people to run with and enjoy the experience.  

She also goes to races in California and N.M. and plans on attending the Mancos Festival again this year in Colorado, to give Koshare a chance to actually finish the obstacle course without drama. Although he won the event, he flunked water crossing with lots of drama.

Our little rescue has been discovered as something to do in the Benson area.  The local RV parks and the Benson Visitor's Center are very good to mention us when people are looking for something to do and of course there is always word of mouth.   We've had over 1000 visitors this year even though we were closed for the summer for tours.    

A tour is an hour or usually more, if the people are enjoying the experience.  We all enjoy talking about donkeys and if they want to listen we'll oblige them.  As a working "ranch" we all have jobs to do, and tours take us away from that.  We don't mind, talking donkey is more fun than chores.........!! LOL But we hardly ever get caught up.   

We have some of the best volunteers in the world, and couldn't be the rescue we want to be without them.  They have all pretty much showed up for a tour and wanted to get involved with the donkeys and have stayed.  




I've enjoyed doing the blog and sharing some of the adventures we and the donkeys have.  But it's time to move on to other things.  Our Facebook page will continue, Suzanne will share her morning videos and we will keep it up to date on what is happening and information on where the next race or festival is that we will be involved in.  

Thanks for following, all these years.............!!!!

OBTW, we will be having an Open House March 4, 2023 to celebrate 25 years since John bought me a $50 donkey that was headed for slaughter, BlackJack is still here and has been a great ambASSador all these years..  We would like for everyone that has ever been out to visit with the donkeys to come out and help us celebrate.......!!!!


Tish said...
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Steph said...

OH bummer! I have loved reading your blog and following along with the donkeys. I will definitely find you on facebook and keep up there.

Tish said...

Thank you Steph you've followed the blog for quite sometime also. Between Suzanne and I we should be able to keep up with the FB page.