Monday, February 22, 2021

WHAT HAPPENED.......????

Before supper I threw this page together to see if this video had downloaded and could be shared.  Looks like it did, so after supper I came back to double check and all that was on the page was the video.  Grrrr.....!!!

We've had a visitor from cold country here for a few weeks and she came out to play and visit with the donkeys every chance she had before she had to go back to cold country.  She took a couple of videos and tried to share them.   I have had LOTS of fun trying to download them to share and she tried 3 or 4 times to send them to me.  Finally............success......!!!  Thank you Susan, I'll try to share the other one later.



This is Big Gus and Link, they are the oldest and youngest donkeys here, and actually play together quite often.  

Tomorrow afternoon we are going to bring Ruthie home after being in foster care for about 6 years.  She went into a home that lost a jenny and their other jenny needed a friend. Unfortunately, Marci died last week, and the people want to lighten their responsibilities rather than get another donkey.  She actually was Boaz's girlfriend and they come in with their 2 year old son.  Ruthie was also pregnant and had Wister Christmas night, 2012.  He was a cute fuzzy little guy.  His picture with Ruthie is in the banner.

Boaz has stayed here in sanctuary because of health issues.  He gets to go to Colorado in the summer, because his skin problems do much better in the climate up there.

Ruger and Wister went to a new home together a few years ago.  When we are in Tucson in the neighborhood, we go by to see how they are doing.  They have pasture and always look good.  It's in a horsey area and I have a feeling people stop by often and visit with them, judging from their friendly behavior  when you stop. 

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