Sunday, November 14, 2021


 The last few mornings have had ice on the bird baths, which sit on the ground.  This morning said it was 31*, so it's just barely cold enough for a little bit of ice and of course in true desert weather it's gone by the time the sun comes up.  Guess we should start chores a little later if we don't want to see ice........!!!  LOL

The week-end at Empire Ranch was really nice.  We met lots of people that were interested in the donkeys, a lot of them had stories to share about donkeys in their lives.  

Suzanne set up the tables and took care of the donkeys all week-end.  John and I came in after chores and help with the booth sales and answering questions.  

Our booth at Empire

Suzanne did take a break to hob knob with HORSES........!!! 

This is Othello, nice looking horse.  Suzanne went for about an hour trail ride along with a bunch of other people.  Not sure the donkeys would approve, don't think they even noticed.  

LaRoy likes to play with ropes.  He has figured out if he picks up a rope and shakes it, people are entertained and might give him a treat.  

He tried but couldn't find any of the donkeys that wanted to play unfortunately.  I don't think any of the other donkeys have ever played with him, poor little guy.  His buddy Jackson has no interest in a rope.  so he picks it up, walks around for a little while and then drops it.  

This month so far has been busy with tours.  Seems like almost every day we've got at least one.  John and I will be headed to Indiana next week-end for Thanksgiving.  We always enjoy road trips, although this will be the 1st one since John broke his femur in August.  We're taking the little car, already put more than $100 at one time in the pickup, besides the little car is more fun to drive.  But it isn't the most comfortable ride, it built for speed, comfort wasn't important I guess.  Hope John gets along OK, so far he hasn't had any problems riding or driving.  But we haven't gone 1800 miles either.......!! LOL

Suzanne and I just spent this week-end at a virtual symposium from U.C. Davis in Sacramento, CA.  This is the 8th year they've had it, although it's always been in person before.  Last year Covid cancelled it, so this year they tried virtual.  They really did a wonderful job, had lots of experts on different aspects of donkeys, donkey diseases, and care.  Mark Myers founder of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, was very involved and showed the video below.  It's really informative about the plight of donkeys in Australia, where the government has killed 500,000 to 600,000 donkeys in their eradication plans to kill all the feral donkeys in NW Australia.


The BLM in the U.S. so far is doing a lot of rounding up of mustangs and burros, last I heard they had something like 40,000 in holding pens and that's been a few years ago.  There are organizations that go out when they are rounding up and keep track of how many are rounded up and how many deaths and basically are trying to represent the people and their public land and the mustangs and burros.    


ellie k said...

The videos were very sad. It is hard to think of that many donkeys being shot. I know it would be impossible for someone to take care of them, the cost and work would soon break a person money and work wise. Be careful on your long drive, I knoe it will be fun seeing everyone and eating everything. I am going to my daughter and son's hunting came where there will be a lot of people bringing food. They may roast a wild pig. Our church had a pig roast lat week, they cooked the rpig all night. It was fall of the bone tender..I do get to long at times, sorry,

Tish said...

Not too long, it's nice to hear you will be with family for Thanksgiving. The problem with the burros is, they can breed faster than bureaucrats can do their jobs. The population can double in 4 years. Politicians are just getting warmed up in that time and probably getting ready to run for office again. When you think that these burros in the states and Australia have been running free and doing their thing for 100 years or more, you can see how the problem has gotten out of control As usual the animals pay the price for man's ignorance. Of course politicians are much better at identifying a problem than fixing it, but will they actually think of what the repercussions of destroying the donkeys will do to the Kimberly. We were in Australia about 40 years ago and saw rangers throwing fire out of trucks going down the highway as a means of fire control according to our bus driver. Use a small fire to prevent a large fire, wonder if they still do that?