Friday, November 09, 2018


Blood work came back with testosterone at gelding levels for Rambo, so no excuse for his bullying behavior except lack of manners. He's still getting out for an hour or so in the morning, while the others are eating.  This morning, he was wooing Tula and trying to fight with Loki Joe thru the corral panels.  

As of this morning, the plan of attack is, whenever he is acting like a jerk, whoever can get to him, will threaten to kill him for about 3 seconds.  He's actually good with people, picks up all 4 feet to clean them, and is fairly co-operative in a pushy sort of way, so he's not dangerous or anything like that.

John and I talked about using the bb gun to pop him on the butt and we still might do that if we can't get him to show some manners.  But for now we'll just divert his attention when he's being a bully. 

Big Gus isn't a problem, he goes around and visits with the others, this morning he and Casper were trying to bite each other thru the panels.  Casper does not know he is small.  

Big Gus does know where the feed room is and has no problem getting on the porch, sticking his head in the dutch door and waiting for something to happen.  

We've talked about letting Rambo out in the morning with all the donkeys, it's probably going to be a disaster, he's been easy to get back in his pen, so hopefully if it goes bad, there will be enough people to distract him and get him back in the pen.  

I finally figured out how to find Linda's pictures and videos with the new computer, I was getting behind on sharing.  The ones of Bella's proud flesh removal are a little raw, but it's interesting from the point of view that she had a happy shot and that's all, no deadening of the area.  Proud flesh has no nerve source, so as long as there is no cutting into healthy tissue, she just stood there and bled.  Proud flesh has a healthy blood supply, which is probably why it can double in size overnight sometimes.  


Poor girl had 2 places, one on each side of her hind legs, have no idea why.  They are gone now but unfortunately proud flesh has a high return rate, so we may be fighting it for awhile.  

Thanks for the pictures Linda..!!

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