Thursday, September 30, 2010

Not much to update.  Quilla is still doing well, the vet called this morning & would like for us to get a CBC & bile acid test.  Not sure what that is, but assume it has something to do with his liver.  So we will have to decide whether to haul him or have a vet come out.  We have Daisy & her rattlesnake bite that could use an expert opinion, although I think we're doing OK, & now we have little Pepsi limping around on his right front.  So we might just have a farm call so everyone that needs it can be checked.  

I didn't take a picture of Daisy this morning, it looked about like yesterday.  Which with proud flesh is a good thing.  It could have grown by leaps & bounds in 24 hours.  I'm trying to keep equ-aide on it as much as possible.  It's still oozy, once I get it dried up a little bit, it will be easier to manage.

Pepsi came in lame Tuesday morning.  I checked him, no swelling but he acts like his knee might be ouchy.  Since there was no swelling we let him out, but no improvement by yesterday morning.  So he's in his pen for awhile.  He really isn't happy about this turn of events, everyone else is out, & he knows it.  And lets us know how mistreated he is, every chance he gets. 

We'll leave right after chores in the morning to take Katie to her, hopefully, new home.  We will miss her, she is like a wind up toy on steroids, always moving & always interested in whatever people are doing.

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