Friday, September 03, 2010



He is still swollen up like a "poisoned pup" & can't eat or drink.  So far today he's had 8 liters of fluid & another 5 liter bag is hanging & dripping.  This morning I set the alarm to go check it in 30 minutes.  I should have set it for 29 minutes, I guess because it went dry.  I called the vet to see what to do, but she didn't call back for about 5 hours & by that time the line was clogged.  So she had to walk us thru getting it unclogged.  Boy I wish we knew what we're doing, poor Quilla probably would rather have "real" nurses, if he had a choice.

He tried to eat a little mush tonight although he still can't close his mouth.  It's a good thing, I was using my hands to push mush into his mouth & got past his teeth.  He chomped down but his teeth have about a 1/2 inch gap, so I didn't get bit.

By the time we got the line unclogged, it was almost 8pm.  It's dripping at about 1 drop per second & the bag is a 5 liter bag, so it's going to be a LONG night I'm afraid.  The vet said we could stop it for a couple of hours, but not a whole night or it will clog again.  John said we'll set the alarm & take turns going out to check.  Boy, that really sounds like a lot of fun, doesn't it?  (G)

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