Friday, September 17, 2010

MORE GOOD NEWS...........!!!

The vet called this morning, & said Quilla seems to be doing real good.  Good looking poo, eating as much as he can, alert & bright eyed.  Great news, I've been worried that he might not get to come home, but it's looking like he's turned the corner.  

She said they are taking him off ICU care, feet soaked, glucose checked, IV's, bute, etc.  He's had no bounding pulses to his feet, so they will stop soaking them. 

His glucose is still high, it was 140 this morning.  So they are going to up the insulin & see if they can get him below 120. 

Over the week-end he will be in his box stall, & will probably be checked once or twice a day.  I don't think staff stays there 24/7, but there is a vet on call, although they don't stay on sight.  So I assume his vitals will be checked at least once a day.  If he keeps going in the right direction we will go up & get him Monday if they call early enough, or Tuesday if they don't.  

Still don't know if he will have to continue getting insulin on a regular basis, but it looks like I will be getting a glucose meter to keep an eye on his numbers.  I've threatened to get one before, since so many of the donkeys are insulin resistant.  By feeding them as little sugar & starch as possible, they usually lose weight & look healthier, but we don't know for sure if their numbers are below 120. 

Nigel the new cat got out last night.  He is a bonafide house cat, never been out except one other time, when he ripped one of the screens out.  This time he got out at the same place, John hadn't gotten around to fixing the screen, & opened the window before he remembered there was no screen there.  Nigel is so laid back & mellow, I don't think he has any survival skills at all, so we went out with flashlights & played "find the cat".  Of course that only works IF the cat wants to be found.  Left the window open in case he would come in the way he went out.  An hour or so later, I happened to see movement in the back yard, turned on the light & there he was, rolling around on the ground.  Went out & he let me pick him up, guess he was tired of being a wild cat.  He was completely covered with a type of stick tights we have this time of year, & covered with dirt, leaves & all sorts of trash.  I wiped off what I could, brought him in the house, & he promptly laid down on the couch & went to sleep.  I guess he thought we needed some excitement.  One reason we're never bored I guess..........!!!  (G)

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susan said...

Way to go Quilla!!