Sunday, September 26, 2010

DAJA VU........!!!! (or however you spell it)

I will try to get a better picture tomorrow, but this is what we found under Daisy's jaw this morning.  Last night we found a slight bloody spot & figured she had stuck herself on a cactus or something.  This morning, underneath her jaw was a bloody, slimy mess that smelled like rotten meat.  I started cleaning her up with Betadine & found the hole in the middle.  Decided to take a picture before I did anything else.  Then I got a syringe of penicillin wash to flush out the hole.  Imagine my surprise when I flushed the hole in the middle, the wash came out a hole higher up.  Notice the area that's a little lighter at the top & a little to the left.  When I flushed, that opened up into a hole just like the one in the middle.  Just what we need another rattlesnake bite, at least this one is a dry bite.  There is no swelling at all, but the area will probably slough off.  Tonight when we rounded everyone up, she had spent the day, wiping & rubbing her jaw on her chest & front legs.  I don't know if it hurts or itches, but she was a mess.  I flushed it again & there wasn't as much infection as this morning, but it's going to take a lot of flushing to keep ahead of a buildup of YUCK...........!!!  Poor girl, she's still eating & drinking & doesn't mind us messing with it thank goodness.  

This morning before we cleaned her up we had to rescue a rattlesnake that was caught in the chicken pen.  They try to go thru the chicken wire, but their body is fatter than their head, they get stuck, & when they try to back out their scales get caught backwards & they can't move.  I used the snake catcher to hold the head end, & John used wire cutters to cut the wire.  He was pretty mellow, once he was loose he just headed for the nearest pile of limbs.  Everyone we've talked to today, seemed to think we should have killed it.  That's just not our style, besides it probably wasn't even one of the snakes that bit the donkeys.  And even if it was two wrongs wouldn't make a right. 

Quilla is doing great, his glucose numbers look good to me, hopefully the vet will agree tomorrow when I call her.  Wait until I tell her about Daisy, I'm sure she will be as thrilled as we are.  

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