Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The vet called with an update on Quilla.  They got his blood tests back & his triglycerides are high.  She said 214, but my blood values, say donkeys should be between 0.2 - 4.6.  I'm assuming to get to my numbers you have to do some math with her numbers, but I don't know how.  She said below 500 is much better than above 500, so that was good news. 

She also said his glucose is still high, & they are soaking his feet in ice water 4 times a day.  She said he seems to like it, so it's probably feels good.  They are also giving him a little alfalfa hay, which she said he really seems to enjoy.  I think he was fed alfalfa for at least 9 years before he came here, so I would imagine he is enjoying the change from plain old grass hay.  She said he's eating & can now chew from side to side.  

But his muzzle is still swollen, although she thought it might be a little less so today.  They are giving him 1 IV bag a day with DMSO in it to hopefully take down the swelling & also some vitamin E.  They seem to be a little puzzled on why his muzzle is still so swollen.

She will call again tomorrow with an update.  

Last night I took Lucy & Jenny's soft ride boots off to wash & let them dry overnite.  I didn't even think about feet being tender after wearing boots for awhile.  Not a problem with Jenny, she is still staying in the pens at night.  But Lucy was out all night.  John had to go find her this morning & her feet really were sore.  I looked at the bottoms & there were 4 or 5 places where she had stepped on rocks & caused little bloody marks, poor girl.  John said she really was reluctant to walk back from Burroland.  But once I put the boots back on her, she was ready to do again.  In the future when I wash  boots she will have to stay in a pen until they are dry.  


susan said...

You take such tender care of these wonderful donkeys. You will definitely be rewarded with donkey kisses in the next life!

Tish said...

I hope the reward is Quilla getting to come home. He's got enough problems from what they are saying, that if they run out of "fixes" with no improvement, we'll be up against "the wall". Don't want to think about that.