Thursday, September 02, 2010

THE STORY CONTINUES.................!!

I'm not very good at taking pictures that show the amount of swelling in Quilla's face.  From pictures I've seen of snake bites his isn't "real" bad.  At least his eyes are open, & he doesn't need the hose in his nose to breath anymore, so I guess we're headed in the right direction.  He's actually trying to drink a little water today, but hasn't had anything to eat.  We're waiting for the Vet to come & run an IV on him, so he doesn't get dehydrated.

The swelling has gone down a little today, & his lips don't feel like a piece of wood.  She might decide he doesn't need an IV when she gets here, we'll just have to see.  

Chico is doing real good with his gelding.  We rinsed him off yesterday, in fact we "volunteered" Georgette to help, while she was here.  He really wasn't much interested in being hosed off, or anything else, & jumped around like a grasshopper, until he decided I wasn't going to quit spraying him, & finally stood still.  Today John & I rinsed him off & he jumped a few times, & gave up.  He doesn't seem to have any swelling at all, which is a miracle.  There are some flies but not bad.  I tried spraying him with fly spray.............  he's REALLY not interested in having that done, thank you very much.  

I asked Dr. Weaver how long he would be able to breed.   On the internet there are many different ideas on how long they are "dangerous".  Dr. Weaver said one last volley......or......... about a week, because then the little critters die off.  So we'll probably take him home next week, haven't made arrangements with his Mom yet, wanted to see how he got along.  She plans on keeping him separated from his Mom & little brother at first anyway.  Of course she had Paladin & Lupe separated, when he jumped the fence & little Miguel-Benito is the result.  I guess next year about this time, we'll be having him gelded, actually we'll probably try to do him this winter, or as soon as he has anything to geld. 


susan said...

Poor Quilla! Joe has lengths of hose and duct tape tied to his saddle whenever we ride for just this nightmare scenario. Hope he is feeling better.

Tish said...

He's doing pretty good, but still looks like a white moose, poor baby. Still can't close his mouth, or drink. I think anyone in rattlesnake country, should carry hose & tape, better to be prepared than to wish you were.