Saturday, September 25, 2010


This is Quilla this morning after his bath.  He had hospital gunk on him, like the glue holding the IV & other assorted unknown ickies in his hair.  

I never bathe the donkeys unless it is absolutely necessary, they will let you know what they think of being bathed.  I assume that donkeys that are shown are bathed on a regular basis from "childhood" & consequently have become resigned to the indignity.  But these donkeys that have for the most part been on their own most of their lives, DO NOT appreciate being wet & fluffy.  

He was squirmy & wiggly & all that, but I pressed on with my mission.  All of a sudden he let loose with a hind leg, not really at me, but just to let me know he was very unhappy.  Of course I jumped on him like a duck on a Junebug, can't have rude behavior like that, but inside I was thinking, "Yea Quilla, you go guy".  He has never ever shown any aggression since we've had him, & I can only assume that he is feeling better than he has in a long time. 

His glucose is holding below 120, I'm still testing him once a day, thru the week-end & will get my new orders from the vet Monday.  I would imagine she will have me check his glucose once a week or so for awhile just to make sure but it looks like he's going to be OK.  She wanted him kept in for a couple of weeks, so unless she changes her mind he'll have another week in solitary.  

Daisy is acting like her mouth is bothering her, & she didn't eat all her hay this morning.  We both checked her mouth, it smells OK, & we didn't find any sores places, so I don't know what it going on.  If she isn't perkier by Monday we'll call the vet.  I don't think she is a big cactus eater, like Cisco & some of the others.  One time poor old Jack the mule had been eating funny for a long time, & we took him to have his teeth looked at.  He had 2 prickly pear spines stuck in his gums, so I always think of that when they act funny with their mouth. 

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