Thursday, September 23, 2010

I think we're headed in the right direction with Quilla.  He hasn't had any insulin since yesterday at noon.  Three hours later his glucose was 72, which is a little low.  I called the vet & she said to not give him anymore insulin & we will monitor him twice a day for a few days to see what happens.  This morning his glucose was 107 with 100-120 being perfect.  I'll check him again this afternoon, & if he is still in the ball park, I would imagine she will just have me test him for awhile.  He seems to be feeling good, & no more bounding pulses in his feet, so I don't have to soak his feet.  

Since the sonogram on his liver showed it isn't shaped properly, the assumption is he has fatty liver disease.  I haven't read up on it yet, so I don't know what the long term treatment is.  It might just be to get as much fat off of him as possible & keep it off.  It's amazing, he didn't eat for over 10 days, & really didn't lose all that much weight.  Before the vet & I break up this daily connection we have right now, I'll ask her about the liver.  They also said his kidneys were enlarged.   

I have sent off for some milk thistle which is suppose to help with liver problems.  We'll see, Mr. Picky has decided he isn't real impressed with "things" being put in his food.  He'll look at it, give me a sad look & walk off.  If I leave it in his pen, it's gone by the next feeding, but he lets me know he is disappointed.  

It tried to rain yesterday & a little last night.  This morning when I took Lucy's boots off, her feet were damp & smelly.  So I left them off today, I hope she doesn't come in with sore feet from going bare footed for the day. 

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