Monday, September 27, 2010

IT'S GETTING YUCKIER.............!!!

What a difference a day makes........!!  This is how Daisy's jaw looked this morning "after" I cleaned it up.  I had also cut some of the rotting flesh off.  I haven't taken Quilla's glucose reading yet today, so I haven't called the vet.  So far I'm just winging it with Daisy, but we seem to be doing OK.  I would imagine all the flesh around the open area is probably going to slough off too.  It's still draining big time, which means, her chest & legs are coated with the stuff.  Today I decided to use a disposable diaper as a dressing & see if that would cut down on the mess.  Wrapped her head in vet wrap, hopefully it will stay over the opening.  I'll probably leave it off tonight, the flies are so bad during the day, that this should give her a little relief from the little monsters. 

She seems to feel just fine, although she's upset because we're keeping her in a pen today, rather than going out with the others.  I'm sure until all the draining & sloughing off is over, we'll just have to live with it.  

It looks like Georgette is going to lose her foster kids & Hanna & Remington will get a new  forever home.  A woman in California got in touch with me about adopting a couple of donkeys.  She also sent a picture of her barn & pasture.  Both Georgette & I want to know if she will adopt us too, she has a beautiful place.  We are trying to figure out the hauling logistics.  I'm not a big fan of haulers, very rarely do they go door to door, so a 14 hour trip might take days as they run  around picking up here & dropping off there.  So I have John talked into hauling them.  We'll ask our grandson or nephew to go with him.  If there is 2 of them they could drive straight thru, but John doesn't like that idea.  They have travel motels for horses all over the country, but I haven't checked yet to see if there is one on the route.  Still lots of planning to do, but I think it would be a great home for them. 

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