Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The clinic called this morning to update us on Quilla.  Dr. Voss said there hasn't been much change.  They now know that his liver is compromised with a lot of fat, & they can't get his sugar level down.  But Quilla himself is doing good, eating & drinking, although his muzzle is still swollen. Dr. Voss said since it's still swollen after 2 weeks that it's probably necrotic

They are going to start giving him insulin today to see if that helps, & also said something about giving him something to regulate his thyroid.  I would imagine they saw something in the blood test to warrant working with the thyroid.  

Last night John was doing a jeep tour in Tucson, so I did evening chores.  Lucy didn't come in, so I had to go find her.  She was laying down in a dusting hole, but got up when I saw her.  She was still walking a little "lightly", so I decided to put her in a pen for the night, so she wouldn't be walking around so much.  You would have thought I had "drawn & quartered" her, to hear her tell the story...........most of the night.  She was more than happy to eat her hay in there, BUT not to stay in there, when everyone else was going to Burroland.  

We'll watch her walk around today & if she is still ouchy, probably put her in again tonight.  Jenny seems to be doing good wearing her boots.  I take them off at night when she is in a pen, so her feet can rest.  Their feet get a little damp, if you don't put cornstarch in the boots, & they get "stinky" feet.  They smell like old stinky gym shoes.  The cornstarch helps a lot though, so I make sure I put some in, whenever I"m putting the boots on them. 

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