Thursday, September 09, 2010

Didn't get Chico home today, we're still busy with Quilla, his IV's & his swollen muzzle.  We've ran 52 liters of IV fluid thru him so far.  Probably will get some more this afternoon when we meet the vet to pick up some Heparin.  Haven't heard from her yet, so don't know when or where.  Hopefully we can take Chico home tomorrow.  Once I get the Heparin I can stop the IV for hours.  As much trouble as we've had with them, I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving with one running.  In fact last night I sat in a chair beside his "hospital" pen because the IV was running so slow we were afraid it would quit.  Or would start running too fast & run out.  As it worked out it didn't run out until about 9am, so I could have got my "beauty" sleep after all.  

The reason I decided to stay with him, is when we went out to start that bag, I heard something dripping.  Looked around didn't see anything until John looked on the other side of his neck.  He had managed to disconnect the connector from the catheter & the IV fluid was dripping on the ground.  And in an open system too, I might add.  I'm not quite as panic proned as I was when this all started last week, but it was time to panic.  We finally managed to get it going again, but with the system open like that, there's a chance that he might get an infection, I sure hope not, he's been such a good little patient.  I know he's ready to do something else & so are we.  

Most of the greenery has dried up & the mesquite beans are pretty much gone, so as of this morning Jenny, Katie, Lucy & Friolita are released from the Fat Farm for general wandering & doing their thing, which I'm sure they appreciate.  We'll try letting Lucy out with Buster all the time, that means Chester can have his pen back, which will make Tula happy.  She doesn't appreciate having to share her pen with HIM...........!!  Once Chico goes home, Katie will go in that pen, to eat by herself.  She'll miss scarfing up as much of Jenny & Frijolita's hay as she can I'm sure.  She's actually lost some weight, but she's got a ways to go. 

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