Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I think today is the 3rd day since we figured out we were dealing with a snakebite on Daisy's jaw.  I took this picture this morning AFTER cleaning it up.  You really don't want to see it before it's rinsed off & cleaned up with betadine.  It seems to be getting better although it's deep enough, I'm sure it will be weeks before it heals.  She has quit rubbing it on her legs & chest, so it must not be bothering her much.  

I talked to the vet yesterday about Quilla, & she said he could go out & return to normal activities, so he's going out & running around with the others.  I also "mentioned" Daisy's "problem", & told her how I was treating it, with penicillin flush & betadine.  The only thing she added was some bute to help with the inflammation.  It doesn't smell rotten now, to I assume most of the tissue left is good tissue. 

It looks like Remington & Hanna will be going to their new home as soon as we can figure out the logistics.  John is going to haul them, & a friend gave me the name of a nice little equine travel  stop  about half way for them to get out & rest for the night, so the trip won't be so long for them or John.  

The timing isn't so good right now.  Another friend is moving to Arizona from cold country in the northern midwest.  They are bringing their donkeys, cats, & chickens.  They are coming down here probably Friday to pick up our stock trailer to take back & pick up the donkeys.  Not sure what their schedule is, but we'll wait until they are through with the trailer before we make plans to haul the "honeymooners" to California.  We'll need to get the Coggins test & a health certificate before they travel.  The Coggins is good for 6 months, but I think the health certificate is only good for 10 days.  Georgette's vet is coming out in October for shots & check-ups, we'll probably have him do the Coggins then.  Hopefully by then we'll know when the trailer will be available.  

Just got a call from a woman wanting a donkey as a companion for her mare.  We usually don't send out a donkey unless there is another donkey already there.  But the more I talked to her the more it sounded like it might be a home for Katie since she doesn't seem to care that much for donkeys anyway.  I asked her if she had been on the web-site & she said she had, & liked Katie.  Hmmmm................!!!  Sometimes things just fall into place don't they?  She's coming out for a visit tomorrow, so we'll see. 

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