Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Quilla seems to be doing just fine.  I'm certainly learning a lot while trying to get his insulin levels right.  Yesterday morning I gave him his insulin, when I checked his blood 2 hours later his number was 59, which is really low.  Called the vet (she'll probably want to change her phone number before this is over) & she said to call before giving him his evening insulin.  His numbers were 113, & when I called she said not to give him anymore insulin until I checked his blood this morning & called her.  Between 100-120 is what we are shooting for, so she was quite pleased when this morning's number was 115.   But she had me wait until noon to give him a smaller dose of insulin & then wait 3 hours instead of 2 to check his glucose.  After giving him insulin at noon I would assume if the numbers are within the 100-120 range, that we will get him off insulin pretty quick, since he probably doesn't need it.  I know he will be glad to not get stuck in the cheek anymore.  

This morning when we were rounding everyone up, Chester was moseying past Quilla's pen towards his pen, & stopped to see if there was anything in Quilla's pen that needed his attention.  Quilla pinned his ears & came all the way across the pen to "tell" Chester to go away.  I have never seen Quilla show any aggression before to anyone, which leads me to believe he hasn't felt good for a LONG time. 

Yesterday when we came in from town there was a message from Jerry.  He has been doing odd jobs for one of the local vets & is an animal lover.  He's looking for a place to park a trailer & help out.  We've been talking about getting someone to live here & help with chores etc, so this may be good for him & us both.  Just wish he was younger, he's John's age...............!!!  (G)  But he seems very nice, so we'll give it a whirl & see what happens.  He has 8 cats living in a travel trailer with him, so you know he loves animals, although he's never worked with large animals.  Donkeys are a good place to start for large animal novices, donkeys are congenial & forgiving.  Well............most of the time.................!!!

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