Wednesday, September 29, 2010

KATIE HAS A NEW HOME.........!!!

Unfortunately although the rattlesnake bite looks pretty good, what we are looking at is proud flesh, which is not so good.  There are a couple of different treatments for proud flesh, one being using caustic powders such as Wonder Dust.  Unfortunately it doesn't differentiate between proud flesh & good tissue & really can make things worse.  

Another treatment is to have the vet cut away the proud flesh.  It actually has no feeling although it will bleed buckets of blood, really messy.

For a day or so I will try using Equ-aide.  It is advertised to be used for proud flesh, so we'll give it a try.  I've used it before on a small area on one of Jenny's hooves, after the vet had cut most of it away.  It didn't come back so I don't know which one or both worked.  

Friday we are going to do a home study & taking Katie with us, as it sounds like it will be a good home.  The woman that called yesterday came out later in the day to visit with Katie.  Katie likes people better than donkeys anyway, so we're going to do a trial & see how it goes since there are only horses & no donkeys.   As long as she gets attention I don't think she will care.  She hasn't really warmed up to any of the donkeys here.  She is usually in the general area of the others, but no interaction. 

Remington & Hanna's trip to California is in the planning stages.  They will get their Coggins test & health certificate the 12 of October & then we'll have 30 days to use the health certificate.  I thought it was 10, but it's 30 days, so that should give us plenty of time to get them delivered. 


susan said...

Here's hoping Katie gets a terrific home. Thanks for taking such good care of her!

Tish said...

They are really nice people & just put down a 30 year old gelding, that was a companion to their 27 year old mare. They are hoping that the mare will like Katie. She's a lot different than a 30 year old gelding, but who knows. They spend a lot of time with their animals, & that will make Miss Katie happy, should be a great home for her. And it's a trial, so we'll see.