Monday, September 06, 2010

Not much change in Quilla, still hooked to the IV, still can't eat or drink.  The IV is really running slow, we hooked it up yesterday about 4pm & it's only about 1/2 gone.  That is really slow one drip about every 2 seconds.  Last night as we were getting ready to go to the races, John went out to check on him & found the catheter had come loose & was sticking out of the vein about an inch or so.  YIKES!  It's about 6-8 inches long, so it wasn't in danger of "popping" out, but it's still not a good idea or very sterile for it to be out like that.  John pushed it back in & I taped it down again.  The surgical glue the vet used has come loose, I would imagine that's what happened.  

The swelling has gone down a little bit, but very little.  Since the IV is running so slow I've started giving him the Dex by shot, rather than adding it to the IV.  That way I know he is getting it.  

I have a call in for her to come back out & evaluate what we need to do.  She originally said sometimes they get fine after a couple of days, sometimes it takes up to a week.  John asked her what the plan of attack is after a week.  She said she didn't know, she had never had one go that long.  Today is Monday, he was bit last Wednesday afternoon, so we're getting close to "don't know" time. 

Had a family here this afternoon to visit with the donkeys.  They were here a few days ago, & had decided Honcho needs to be a part of their family.  But they are having a hard time deciding who else to
take.  Buddy Brat, Chester, Frijolita, Buster & Katie are all in the running.  Buster loves the kids & the 3 year old talks about Buster all the time.  But he is so attached to Lucy, that might not work.  Lucy's feet are bad & always will be, so she comes with baggage, & they would do better with someone that's healthy.  They have get their 5 acres fenced & build some shelters, which they are already planning, so it probably won't be too long before they are ready.  We talked about going to visit with Remington & Hanna in foster care & they want to do that.  But they are zeroed in on Honcho, visiting with the "honeymooners" is probably just a fun visit, I don't think they will be in the running. 

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Cascabel Canuck said...

i'm so glad that you found a home for Honcho. He is such a sweet donkey. There is rarely a day that I don't think about him. I really miss that guy. He was such a character and such a good heart. I hope he finds a good forever home this time. I wish I could have kept him but things didn't work out that way. It sounds like Remington has gotten the training he needed and is going to a new home too. Hurray.