Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The vet just left after coming out to evaluate Quilla & how he's doing.  She had to run a new IV line, the old one had gotten crimped.  Probably when John found it pulled out a little bit & he pushed it back in.  The little tube is very flexible, & the vet said you can twist it back in sometimes, but probably not push it back in.  

The new one is running too fast, we seem to have a problem coming up with a "just right" speed.  Until tomorrow I only have 1 liter IV bags, & they go real quick, so she said run one then wait a little while & run another one.  

Tomorrow she will get in an order, so we'll have access to 5 liter bags again.  Hopefully he won't need them too much longer, we're getting close to that week deadline.  His swelling is down some, but his lips are still too swollen for him to be able to eat or drink, so he will be on IV's until he can drink on his own.  

We were going to take Chico home tomorrow, he's healing real good after his gelding last week, & Mae is anxious for him to come home.  Once he's gone we can move Katie into that pen again, so she can eat by herself, & not try to eat Jenny & Frijolita's food.  

Courtney came last night & trimmed those that needed it.  Lucy didn't need anything, her feet haven't grown that much.  I don't know if being in the boots makes the hoof grow slower or not.  She also brought a pair of boots to try on Jenny.  She's been limping around for quite sometime.  She quit limping in the boots, although she's still walking slow.  But they are a little too big for her, so she drags the front of the boot when she walks.  If she walked at normal speed, they might make her stumble.  If the boots work for her, we'll get a smaller pair for her. 

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