Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quilla still can't drink, although he is picking at hay a little, not enough though.  Yesterday afternoon, John was in with him, & when he started to leave, Quilla ran over him to get out the gate.  We had just hung a new bag, thankfully it stayed on the hook, but he jerked the tube out of it & jerked the catheter out of his neck.  In fact, the vet had braided a little piece of his mane to hold the tube.  He even pulled out the hair in the braid.  I was in the house & when I came out John was yelling, LOUD.  We got the bag plugged, but of course there was no way to get the IV back in, so off to the phone.  Debra came out this morning & re-ran the IV.  It's been 10 days & everyone thinks the swelling should be gone or down enough so he can drink.  Obviously he didn't get that memo.  Some of the swelling is gone, but not much.

One piece of good news, we took Chico home yesterday afternoon.  When we got there, he hopped out of the trailer & started eating wild food.  He didn't even get out of the pen here, we kept him away from the jennies, just in case.  So I'm sure he was ready for some "real" food, as opposed to hay.   Mae is going to give  them a couple of days to get use to each other before she puts them together.  They should be OK, Lupe will make sure everyone behaves themselves, & I would imagine Chico & Miguel-Benito will run & play, Chico is only about 13 months old, so he's still a baby too. 



Wolfie said...

Hope Quilla feels better soon!!

Tish said...

Me too, we're working on it. I'm glad we hauled him yesterday.