Friday, October 01, 2010


Well I'm learning all about proud flesh I guess.  Not a skill I really wanted, but we are making progress I hope.  I guess the equ-aide is breaking down the proud flesh & since it has so many blood vessels to it, it was really a bloody mess last night when she came in for supper.  But this morning it had dried up, until I washed it off.  I cut off some of the lumps & scrubbed the rest with betadine.  It started bleeding like a cut artery.  Couldn't get it to stop, & finally had to hold a towel on her jaw & compress it for awhile.  Once it stopped gushing, I could put the equ-aide on & that seemed to help it quit too.  The instructions for proud flesh is to scrub it & keep it open, so I guess I'll be doing this again tomorrow.  UGH!

We are getting ready to load Katie & take her to her new home.  As I remember she isn't thrilled about loading.  I'm surprised she really is easy to work with usually, she'll follow you anywhere & picks up her feet at a touch.  Trailer loading isn't a donkey thing for most of them it seems. 


Vitzy said...

Last year my gelding got tangled up in a wire fence and got a huge laceration on his leg. The proud flash came up a few day after the injury and literally appeared over night. It freaked me out really badly. I kept it clean and put a zinc oxide ointment on each day and after a few weeks it just dried up and fell off and he was fine. It was a huge relief! But yes, in the meantime it bleeds and oozes and pusses and makes you feel like you should be doing something more.

Tish said...

Glad your gelding is OK. I'm a advocate of thunja zinc oxide, a lot of times I do "rounds" carrying my jar. Everybody gets a look & a "slather" if needed. I go thru about 4-5 jars every summer. Columbia Vet Powder from KV Vet Supply is powdered zinc oxide, which is handy for gooey wounds.