Saturday, October 30, 2010


John got in Thursday night about 8:30, & remembered to take pictures of Hanna & Remington after they were unloaded.  He said they hit the ground, heads down & eating what Nancy called dry brown grass.  Obviously we humans are not good judges of grass.  John still had some hay & Craig had hay waiting for them, & they weren't the least bit interested.
He took this picture as he was driving out the driveway.  He said on the trip every time they stopped for gas or to eat, he would go back to the trailer & give them a cookie.  So they stopped eating dry brown grass long enough to see if there was one last cookie being offered.  John said he didn't have one, & as soon as they figured that out, they turned around & went back to eating.

Nancy said she would send pictures, & let us know how they are doing, but I haven't heard from her yet. 

Just heard this morning about a rescue situation down by Douglas.  I guess it's a breeding farm for Friesian, Appaloosa horses & miniature donkeys.  There's over 45 horses in starvation, some of them blind, rain rot, ringworm, lots of stallions & most of them unhandled, probably only used for breeding.  I heard there were about 10 donkeys mostly jacks.  I e-mailed one of the people involved, & she said most of the jennies & foals have been taken by local people, (amazing since livestock inspection is supposedly involved) & all that's left is old scared jacks that are in a large field & can't be caught.  The owner had a massive stroke, is wheel chair bound, & isn't even living on the property.  Not sure what will happen, already had an offer to help with the gelding fees.  We aren't really set up to take in a lot of jacks, so I will keep my nosey nose involved & hope some other answer shows up.  If not, stay tuned.............!!!! (G)

Below is a link to an "interesting" story about Pinky, the roller skating donkey.  When you link it, go to the bottom right hand corner of the picture & there is a page turner there.  You can either move thru all the pages of the magazine until you get to page 32..........or up at the top where it says page 1 change it to page 32.  This had to be a donkey that really wanted to please..........!!!!

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