Sunday, October 03, 2010

MAKING PROGRESS...............!!!!!

 8th DAY

Boy it's hard to get a good picture of Daisy's wound.  I haven't been able to get her lined up so the sun is shining on it which might make it have more contrast.  But I will tell you what you're looking at. 

The equ-aide seems to really be making a difference.  The pink "frame" is new healthy tissue.  The dark frame is dried crusty proud flesh embedded with equ-aide.  The center is fairly flat with a few bumps that I cut the top off of, so the equ-aide can get inside.  Of course the blood just flies when I do that, this is really a gory operation.  I tried cutting off some of the dark crusty stuff, but she let me know I was getting close to tissue that has feeling in it, so I quit.  I assume as long as the outer pink frame continues to get larger & the center area gets smaller we are doing OK.  

Tuesday the vet is coming out to draw Quilla's blood so we can send the results up to the clinic.  He certainly is acting perky, so hopefully all this fatty liver, enlarged kidney stuff was just the result of the rattlesnake bite, or all the dextrose or not eating for 10 days.  He's being a pain in the butt about eating his mush with the prescribed supplements in it.  I've been trying one thing at a time, & that seems to be OK.  But if I put all 3 powders plus the capsules of Vit E & flaxseed in his pan, he walks away.  Sometimes he'll go back & eat it, but not on a regular basis.  I could syringe it in his mouth, but really would rather not.  So I'm working at trying to outsmart him.  Hopefully outsmarting him isn't a lost cause..........!!! (G)

Had 2 groups visit yesterday.  Georgette, Dave & some friends came by on their way to Willcox, Georgette never misses a chance to see her little god-son Sha'ba.  But she didn't have treats this time, so she made all sorts of out of this world promises to him, for the next time.  He does seem to know her when she comes.

Honcho's family came out to show him off to Lauren's Mom.  The 3 little girls not only remember most of the donkeys names, they know which names go with which donkeys.  Honcho was ready to be petted & messed with, so I think this will be a great home for him.  They are busy getting their fences built, as soon as that's done, Honcho & someone will have a new home.  It looks like Buddy Brat might be the one.  He & Honcho like to play together, so it might be a good match.  Buddy has been here for about 10 years, he was the 3rd donkey we got.............BUT.............  if we can find a good home for him, that is very important.  It's taken me years to get that point across to John.  And he still isn't completely agreeable, I can get him to agree on just about everyone that's healthy enough to be adopted............EXCEPT........BlackJack.  BJ was our 1st donkey & I've used his picture on business cards, & paperwork, so I guess he's our spokesdonkey.  John won't budge on him going, & to tell the truth I was surprised he's let Buddy go.  

We have managed to get our herd down to our self imposed limit, which is great.  We have one in the pipeline but she isn't suppose to come in until December, so hopefully by then we'll be down by 4 more. 

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