Wednesday, October 27, 2010

HANNA & REMINGTON ARE HOME.............!!!

John called about 2:30 this afternoon & said the kids were delivered & eating brown grass stubble, rather than the hay Craig had waiting for them.............brats.  That probably means the nasty looking brown grass has more sugar & starch in it than the hay.  Nancy was still at work, but she sent an e-mail later.  They had both dust bathed & were still eating brown grass stubble, but she pronounced them beautiful.  

John called Georgette last night to let her know how the trip was going.  She called me today & said she has a disc with about 100 pictures of the kids for me.  She really was a great foster mom for the fur kids.  Remington had a little attitude when he got there, & she turned him into a love bunny.  Hanna was always sweet, but she learned what she needed to know in order to be a good little girl, thanks to Georgette.  I think Georgette had a little "empty nest syndrome" though, guess I'll have to find some more donkeys for her to foster...........!! (G)

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