Sunday, October 31, 2010

Heard from Nancy this morning.  She said Remington & Hanna are doing just fine.  In fact she put some hay inside the barn, & Remington went in to eat it.  Maybe they will decide that having a barn isn't so bad, especially since this is the start of their rainy season. 

Well the rescue crisis is over for the time being I guess.  My little fingers are worn out from e-mailing, & judging from the amount of e-mail I've received, I'm not the only one.  But we think we finally figured out what's going on.  There are 2 situations involved in the Douglas area.  We all zeroed in on one that has had problems in the past & found out this morning this isn't the one that started all the e-mails.  Unfortunately now the word is, all the animals were picked up yesterday by truck.  No word on who picked them up or where they went.  As close as they are to Mexico, there's a good chance they went across the border, to slaughter. Don't know if we will find out what happened or not. 

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