Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scott got in yesterday with the trailer & we went down this afternoon to pick it up.  This is 2 of the girls & you can tell how excited they were to have us visit.  One of them did actually come over to me to introduce herself by exchanging breath, but other than that eating seemed to be their priority.  Right now they are in a small area, until a gate gets fixed.  Once that happens they will have access to lots of untouched desert grasses.  Won't that be fun..............!!!!!  I'm sure they will think so. 

On the way home we drove by where we will be setting up Saturday for the Care for the Horses Rummage Sale.  I thought I knew where it was, & when we drove by there were a lot of people setting up lots of goodies.  Wish I could go tomorrow, I love finding a bargain that I don't need.  Oh well maybe there will still be a few treasures left Saturday.  

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