Thursday, October 07, 2010

Twelve Days & counting........!!!

I'm glad she's getting better, because I think I'm getting worse at taking pictures.  It's really looking very good & seems to be healing quickly.  I'm wondering now if it was some kind of snake other than a rattlesnake.  There was never any swelling at all, just the flesh being eaten away.  That might have been caused from bacteria in the snakes mouth, rather than venom.  I haven't found anyone that might know.  But it is an interesting question., if I do find someone.   

Everyone seems to be doing good right now, hope it continues.  We have an older man named Jerry that is going to be helping us with chores for awhile.  He has a travel trailer & 8 cats, so you know he's an animal lover.  I admire anyone that could live in a small trailer with 8 cats, although I must say they are very very well behaved & lovable.   He said he's never been around large animals, but loves the donkeys beautiful eyes.  He saw our sign on the road & asked if we could use some help.  I think it will work out very well for him & for us. 

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