Thursday, October 14, 2010

 1895 poster

Heard from Mary last night.  Scott & our trailer made it to Minnesota & she said 2 of the donkeys had no problem going in the trailer, but of course the other one wasn't interested in being cooperative.  There is always one, isn't there?  

She seemed to think he would load up & start back to Arizona today, so if plans work out he will probably be back by Sunday.  We'll probably go down to their place to pick up the trailer.  I'm sure Scott will be sick of driving by then, & it will give us a chance to meet their 3 donkeys. 

Next week-end, Oct 23rd we will be participating in a "yard sale", & "get to know your local rescues & sanctuaries" that Care for the Horses is having.  They have invited all types of sanctuaries,  to let people know there are groups out there to help if an animal needs it.  Ann said they would furnish corral panels if we wanted to bring a couple of donkeys.  We plan on taking BlackJack & Chester.  BlackJack hasn't been off the property in over 11 years except last summer when we walked him over to the movie site for his big movie debut.  He's enough of a ham, I'm sure it won't be a problem, once we get him in the trailer.  As I recall THAT might be a problem..........!!!! 

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