Tuesday, October 12, 2010




It is always so exciting to have a full barn of hay, not only for us but for the donkeys.  They were all in their pens, watching the whole process of it coming in, being unloaded & put in the barn.  So by the time they were let out of the pen, they headed for the barn like lemmings to the sea.  There wasn't much fall out, so John gave them a little bit, so they wouldn't be disappointed.  No wonder they are "fluffy" rather than "lean".  

Buster, Lucy & Honcho don't go in a pen to eat, so they were loose on the property.  When they got done with their hay, they started roaming around.  I decided that Honcho might go out the gate, so I put him in a pen, much to his disgust.  The next thing we know Buster is outside the gate eating goodies the range cattle hadn't gotten around to yet.  John went out to get him back in & he took off.  Didn't go far & then headed back for the gate.  I guess he just wanted to show he could get away, IF he wanted to.  His Lucy girl was on the other side of the gate, so there's no way he would go very far.    

Hay is almost $1.00 a bale cheaper this year, I guess because of all the rain in the Southwest.   A lot of the cost of our hay is because it's irrigated.  I hear from people that live in the Midwest that they pay as little as $2.00 a bale for hay in the field,  but they have to load & haul it.  Those are 2 string bales about 40-60 pound bales.  Out here we get what we call "cowboy bales", 3 string & 90-110 pounds.  The average on this year's hay is 97 pounds a bale.  It hasn't been many years ago that John & I use to haul hay from Eloy on the car trailer, 48 bales at a time.  We'd go pick it up & they would load it...........BUT.........when we got home we had to unload it.  Not much fun, especially when I don't weigh that much more than a bale of hay.......Ha!  My job was to get it off the trailer, which I managed to do & never fell off, although it was close a couple of times.  John had to stack it, & I am sure he is as glad as I am, those days are over, now that we've found a good supplier. 

Heard from Georgette.  Today was the day that Hanna & Remington got their Coggins test & health certificate so they can go to their new home in California.  She said everything went pretty good, until they took Reminton's temperature.  She said his hindquarters started to collapse. I guess the buzzer went off on the thermometer just as his butt was about on the ground.  She said it was really funny, too bad she didn't have a video camera. Guess he had never had that indignity performed before. 

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