Thursday, October 28, 2010

 John called about 2pm this afternoon, & said they were 46 miles into Arizona, which is about 200 miles from Phoenix.  So he should be home at a decent time.  Considering the original plan was 4 days & this is only the 3rd day, they are making great time.  Our grandson J.R. (Jon Rod) drove the Grapevine going up & John drove it coming back.  We drove it decades ago, when we lived in Vacaville, CA & there was nothing out there.  John said they have added a few gas stations, but it's still pretty sparsely "decorated" & rather boring, except for the fact you are either going up hill or down hill depending on which direction you are going.  

Actually things have gone pretty good.  We have a man that is staying on the property in a small travel trailer with his 8 cats.  He got in touch with us, & wanted to help with the donkeys.  He doesn't mind picking up poo, & filling water buckets, in fact he uses that time to play with the donkeys.  Since both of those jobs were mine, needless to say I REALLY appreciate his help.  While John has been gone Jerry has helped me feed too, so it's really gone quite smoothly.  He & Sha'ba seem to have a thing going.  Sha'ba follows him a lot.   Of course since I told Jerry Sha'ba really likes ginger snaps & Jerry knows where they are, that might have something to do with it.  Sha'ba is one of the only ones, that doesn't have to worry about sugar & starch, so I don't worry about him having ginger snaps on a regular basis.  I don't think he had a lot of treats in his former life. 

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