Monday, October 11, 2010


It sounds like the hay should be here in the morning before we get done with chores, if it goes as planned.  Steven called & is suppose to meet the truck in Pomerene about 8am.  I would imagine the truck is coming directly from Parker, AZ like it did last year.  John asked the driver last year what time he left home, & he said about 1am.............!!!!  I'm not sure why they leave so early we see loads of hay on the road all the time, so I don't think the heat & sun has anything to do with it.  Maybe the truck isn't air conditioned & they would rather drive when it's cool.  

We had a real nice writer from Phoenix come by this morning.  She is writes for Phoenix Magazine & is doing an article about fun week-end trips to take.  She's going to be in Cochise County for about 4 days checking out Tombstone, Bisbee & writing all about her "adventure".  Her husband & son got to come with her, & they really seemed to enjoy themselves.  This afternoon they were going up to the Oasis Exotic Bird Sanctuary too, so I'm not sure they are going to have time to enjoy their little mini vacation, it sounds like they are going to stay real busy if they keep to their schedule.  

Daisy's snakebite is still healing nicely thank goodness.  It's down to about the size of an elongated quarter.  Right now we are having to check everyone over when they come in for cactus spines.  It's getting cooler at night down to 41 degrees, & they are still on summer rations & are starting to actually act like they are hungry.  John upped them to their normal winter amount of hay this morning.  I think they are getting into the cactus trying to get to grass or something edible, that have become more important since all the easy stuff has been eaten. 

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