Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not much going on around here right now, which is a good thing.  I'm not having to doctor Sha'ba's sheath for habronema, so Quilla is about my only victim right now.  I took his honey bandages off yesterday, & his legs looked pretty good, not great but at least they weren't bloody.  I had been using Thuja Zinc Oxide on his legs at night & sunscreen & leggings during the day.  It works pretty good, but Thuja Zinc Oxide is pretty messy.  So I decided to try Animax for a few days to see how it goes.  Some people might know Animax as Panalog.  I've never been able to understand why they change names, I guess to keep us humble & confused.  (G)  Panalog is still available, so I think Animax is the generic brand.  So far his legs are staying pretty clear, & the Animax is a lot less messy.  It's getting far enough into fall & winter, pretty soon I shouldn't have to doctor him either.  And it's about time to stop putting on fly masks, as soon as it gets cold enough to get rid of most of the flies.  It's a good thing, most of them are starting to look pretty ragged.  Of course once it starts getting cold, we'll have to blanket Sha'ba & Pepper.  So there is always something to do.  

Scott was suppose to get in today with the stock trailer, from his trip to Minnesota to pick up their 3 donkeys.  We'll probably go down to Hereford either Thur or Fri to pick it up.  Save him a trip & we'll get to see the girls.  

This afternoon Honcho was trying to endear himself again.  He seems to think he needs to dismantle the golf cart.  He's tried to eat the seats, & seems to really enjoy pulling out the floor mats.  John learned not to leave his gloves under the dash or anything else that can be taken out & played with.  I think John might have started it by leaving an empty bird seed sack in the cart this afternoon.  Of course that was the first thing to get Honcho's attention & it went downhill from there.  We had to have the seats recovered after Frijolita actually bit a big bite out of one of them earlier this year. 

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