Saturday, October 09, 2010

Is there anything in the world cuter than this picture?  This is Maggie (use to be Katie) & one of her new best friends, ie granddaughter. Don't know if this is the one named Katie that required a name change, but it looks like they are getting along just fine.  

She has been to the bus stop to wait for a grandson to come home from school.  If they aren't careful she will be going on her own, probably.  She also has Jim trained to carry a treat in his pocket when he drives in.  I have no doubt she will be running the whole show before it's over........!!!!  (G)

Daisy is doing so good, it's not even worth doing updates I don't think.  Every morning the sore area is visibly smaller.  This morning I put Thuja Zinc Oxide on it to see how that does.  The surrounding new tissue is so dry from using the equ-aide, that I've been putting zinc oxide around the wound & covering the wound with the equ-aide.  This morning the wound was covered by a very hard scab, so I had 2 choices.  Either scrub the scab off & put on equ-aide or cover the whole area with zinc oxide.  We'll see how it goes, I can certainly go back to equ-aide if I need to.  

Scott is suppose to come by today to pick up the stock trailer for it's trip to Minnesota to pick up their 3 donkeys.  They just moved down here & couldn't find a suitable trailer to haul their "babies", so we said they could use ours.  Not sure how long he'll be gone, it's a 3 day trip normally unless you are one of those that like to drive as many miles as possible in a day.  When the trailer gets back it's going to be staying on the road for awhile, Honcho & Buddy Brat will be going to their new home, & John will be hauling Remington & Hanna to their new home in California.  Lauren called a couple of days ago, & they were getting ready to stretch fence, so it won't be long before Honcho & Buddy's new home is ready.  Buddy has been here almost 11 years, he was the 3rd donkey we got.  But I think they will be getting a great home, which is what is important. 


susan said...

WOO-HOO Maggie!

It looks like she has a wonderful home. They'll just have to resist giving her treats so she can continue to lose some fat.

I use celery on insulin-resistant horses as a treat. Most all of them love it and it has no sugar and little or now calories.

susan said...

I meant "no" calories!

Tish said...

I sent her with chromium, Magnesium Oxide, & Thyrol L & they feed grass hay only, so she should be OK & know she is fed by weight. Jim carries one animal cracker I would imagine. She's lost quite a bit of weight, but still has a ways to go, & they seem very aware & caring, so I think she will do just fine. They are all having so much fun, I hope the horses don't get neglected...!!! (G)