Friday, April 01, 2016


Doug's RV is on the left of the screen with his SUV in the foreground.  But if you look beyond that on the right you might notice another RV.

Lynn and Linda are one of the nicest couples you could ever meet.  Earlier in March Lynn brought Linda out to see the donkeys for her birthday.  They were going to be in the area for a few weeks and said if we needed any help to give them a call. 

When the big tour with the BIG bus was coming out, I thought it might be a little more than Doug and the 2 of us could handle.  Gave them a call and they showed up ready, willing and able.  In fact Lynn and his chain saw saved the day, or at least saved the big beautiful bus from getting scratched trying to get around the driveway.  

Well, to make a long story short, when they saw there was work to do around here they offered to stay a little while longer before heading back to cold country to plant a garden.  

They've already learned the "drill" for feeding and letting the donkeys out and have offered to take over for a couple of days, so we could take an overnight trip someplace.  If you haven't been anywhere together in 5 years it's kinda hard to come up with a place off the top of your head..........LOL  

But as usual a need gets filled.  Weeks ago a lady that lives way up north called and asked if we could take her mini hinny .  She had good reasons to need to rehome him, but she lives too far away for a day trip.  At that time I didn't know about Casper but  did know that Pancho was going to a new home, so as usual we'd have an empty pen soon.  John said if she could haul him as far as Globe, we could make that in one long day.  She said she would try to find a trailer and make it happen.  She called a couple of days ago and found a trailer and wants to make arrangements to meet in Globe.

BUT, with Lynn and Linda here we can make it an overnight trip and go all the way to her place.  I haven't been able to get in touch with her yet, but this should work out good for everyone.   Who knows, maybe Casper will get a new friend out of the deal.  So far he follows the donkeys around, but really doesn't have anything to do with them.  Maybe he'll recognize the hinny as a fellow hybrid, hopefully they won't hate each other........!!! 

Lynn and Linda are talking about coming back next winter to stay for awhile.  That's OK with us, they really are good help.  They have 3 dogs, which of course thrills Saddik to no end. 

Last night everybody but me, set around a campfire by Doug's RV, including all the dogs.  I guess I'm a party pooper, BUT, it was cold outside and I had already changed into comfy night clothes. The problem I see with a campfire is, one side is too hot and the other side is too cold.  Inside the house is.............just that's where I stayed..............LOL

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