Wednesday, April 20, 2016


When it was time to let everyone out, I didn't get the memo that EVERYONE was going out as a group.  The 1st I knew that it was getting exciting outside, was dogs barking, people running, dust flying and in general chaos seemed to prevail.  I went out to see if I could add to the confusion and noticed Saddik was right in the middle of all the excitement.  I told Doug to take him in the RV, Saddik becomes absolutely deaf when things get exciting and he seems to prefer being right in the middle of whatever is happening.

By the time I got outside John had managed to get Gizmo into Quilla's empty pen.  We all stood around for a few minutes discussing what had happened and what was going to happen, and what we hoped happened.  

The donkeys were all milling and trying to figure out what was going on to their tranquil life.  Casper came by to harass Gizmo in Quilla's pen and happened to get into BlackJack's space.  BJ made a horrible growling sound he doesn't make often and Casper took an immediate left turn.  WOW, who knew he could be intimidated............LOL  

After everything settled down, we decided to try it again, this time they are racing thru the area where the donkeys had congregated to figure out what was going on I guess.  Gizmo came running thru, kicking back at Casper hot on his trail, biting Gizmo's butt if he could get close enough.  Donkeys started kicking as they flew by.  What a mess........didn't take long to decide it wasn't going to work.  I went to Gizmo's pen, opened the gate and he ran in on the next pass.  Then it took awhile to get Casper back in his pen for the day.  As soon as he was corralled I let Gizmo out and was a little surprised that he was more than willing to come out.    

Gizmo enjoying some peace and quiet.......!!!

   l think Gizmo would like to be buds, obviously Casper has different plans for him.  This is the behavior that got Casper in trouble and certainly will cut down on available adoption homes.  He's personable with people and doesn't seem to attack the donkeys, so it will either be a home without horses/mules, or a home without any equine.  

Lynn and John finished running water thru the eastside pens this morning.  We had always ran hose on top of the ground to the individual buckets in the pens.  It worked, but look rather temporary.  Now they looked like someone had a plan and we won't have to carry water in buckets to the ones that didn't even have hoses.  Next project, Rosie's shelter.  She has a roof laying on top of the corral panels.  If you raise up when picking up poo or doctoring her belly, we are all taller than a corral panel.........LOL

Lynn dug the trenches by hand, but for the west side we are going to rent a ditch witch for him.  We are really going to miss them both when they go back to Colorado.  They've been waiting for it to quit snowing at home as their primary reason to head back, is to start their garden.  We're still trying to figure out how to adopt them..........LOL

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